"Decades of successfully planting luxury worldwide!"

In 1994, Decora was established with the rightful seed of sincerity and professionalism. Later in 1999 for the first time we introduced and launched our premium polymer pots & planters under the brand name Decora in India. Later in 2009 we established our manufacturing unit near Mumbai. By then, we had immensely emerged our production and at present our products have reached a margin of Pan India requirement. A sharp focus on the requirements of the Indian customers is the key element of the company's strategic vision of excellence for the future. We bind to have lethal 25 years of experience in this field. During these precious years, we have expanded our product range, developed its flexibility by outsourcing its reach, and also built a firm clientele through partnering with leading manufacturers.

Maintaining quality products and providing technologically superior products are the basic tenets driving the Company. Founded by first generation entrepreneurs, the corporate leadership of the company is poised to lead the Company to greater heights. We endeavor to provide excellent products to our customers that enhance their vicinity.The competitive workforce is the backbone and believes to strengthen the production even more. Our employees have pure work management and also have experienced all the distinctive adaptability with respect to how the procedure works and runs through it efficiently.

Our ideology was to develop a seed of engagement through creating eco-friendly and organic-based products to revitalize the environmental standards. Through the idea, we have created 100% recyclable and weather-resistant elements and induced them into our product. With this vision, Intermolde thrives to be the largest firm for distribution of plastic pots in India.